Balance and Mobility Training

Successful aging and independent living call for good balance, mobility and strength amongst senior citizens especially. Falls are the reason a number of older adults lose their precious independence and the chief motivation behind our person-centered targeted exercise training and evidence based strength, balance and mobility programs.

Initial Consultation:

Discussing your fitness goal and complete a comprehensive health, medical and activity history we obtain a medical statement from your health care provider to work well on your course.

Schedule Assessment:

Comprehensive balance, mobility and strength assessments are necessary for us determine the appropriate level of exercise training and monitor change over time.

Balance and Mobility Assessment

What Is Balance & Mobility Assessment?

Upon aging it becomes critically important that we concentrate on both balance and mobility. Falls can lead to complications – fractures and the like. Physiotherapists at Access, recommend exercise and training regimes to first identify the cause of poor balance and thereby minimize the risk of falling and related deficiencies.

How We Can Help?

Access specialists are brilliant at identifying and providing adequate gait aid, visiting the more elderly at home and/or nursing home at a time that suits them if they are unable or should it be inconvenient for them to come to us. We will recommend a chartered physiotherapist for a full assessment and appropriate treatment should you begin to experience falls. Where necessary your physiotherapist will recommend further investigations with your GP or an appropriate specialist. Every session with a therapist is aimed at providing efficient one-on-one treatment. Our experience in conducting wheelchair and mobility assessments has helped us contribute to the well-being of numerous patients; equipment recommended by us may include:

We provide thorough accessibility assessments for wheelchairs, seating and mobility to our clients. Wheelchair, seating and mobility assessments at Balance Physiotherapy include: -