Postural Awareness

People working on PCs all day long, musicians playing instruments strenuously also persons suffering from migraines etc. plausibly face a postural condition called forward head posture (FHP). Posture is an indication of the general balance of the human body. A stooped appearance with an altered position of the jaw, increased kyphosis and lordosis are associated majorly with Forward head posture and is characterized by pain.

Our physiotherapists assess how patients uphold their posture when sitting, standing, and during routine activities. An ergonomic assessment of their lifestyles is thus carried out.

Aims and objectives

Our occupational health and safety drills allow:

Who is the course intended for?

The course is intended for every staff member.

Pre-course Preparation

The course comprises of a lot of practical work and it is instructed that delegates should not attend the same if they are pregnant or suffering from any physical discomfort.

The delegates are required to dress in comfortable attire.

Course Content

Effects of Bad Posture include: -

Improve your posture with the following exercise tips for: -