Elderly Care – Falls Prevention

Are Your Parents at Risk of Falling? Here are some simple tests!

If you answered no to the above questions, then they require your keen attention!

The loss of balance leads to falls amongst people young and the aged. Balance is required majorly for tasks such as: -

We Can Help!

Body balance is crucial and requires acute care with age. We offer the following programs at our clinic: -

We offer one-on-one private pay programs with our Fall Prevention Specialist 2-3x/week. This program will build on what you gained from Physiotherapy and help you build strength, balance and flexibility continually. With our programs we help clients stay home and not have to move into assisted living facilities. Don’t let a fall cause you and/or your parents to lose independence.

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Physiotherapy approaches to reduce fall and fracture risk among older adults.

Regular multicomponent exercise has best results. Home-hazard assessment and modification, use of assistive devices, such as canes & walkers, will be useful for people at risk of falls. Hip protectors are helpful for nursing home residents. Using anti-slip shoe devices help people with health condition walk outdoors with self-reliance. It must be noted that multifactorial preventive programs including exercise components work best for high-risk populations. Our experts focus on evidence-based physiotherapy approaches. We also address the advantages of multifaceted interventions that include risk factor assessment, dietary supplements, elements of physiotherapy and exercise.