Rehabilitation Post Orthopaedic Surgery

Qualified physiotherapy staff provides Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy for patients post orthopaedic surgeries at Access. Programs of therapy and exercise are carefully planned and conducted by our specialists to regain range of motion and resume normal activities among patients. Rehabilitation plans are aggressive and we take enough care to cause no damage to implants. Physiotherapy will begin within 24 hours of the procedure and continue for up to three months following surgery. Patients may opt for their rehabilitation in a hospital setting, or home and outpatient therapy depending on the condition.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services

Our health care team provides dynamic and comprehensive treatment for hundreds of patients, never mind your health condition, trained professionals at Access will help you achieve your rehabilitation goal.

Specializing in Rehabilitation for:

Numerous conditions including (musculoskeletal conditions) back pain, extremity pain, headaches and difficulty with functioning in everyday life will be dealt with and taken care of by specialists we have on board. Functional capacity evaluations, work hardening/work conditioning, functional and sport specific training, clinical research and clinical education have our complete focus.